RWeb Designs and Technologies was founded in 2013. When we first started, the focus was predominantly on website design and development. We believe that a website, often determines wether a customer will view a business as a prospective option, as it often is the first point of contact a customer has with your business.

Today we continue to view website design as a valuable tool within business, however we now understand that a website is only part of achieving business success. In 2012 RWeb Designs And Technologies started on its biggest project so far, RWeb Designs and Technologies point of sale. RWeb Designs and Technologies point of sale systems sole goal is to deliver a solution to small business with all the big business ideas. This is one of our services, in which we have a clear road map planned, and is a platform we continue to grow.

Website design and point of sale have built the foundations of RWeb Designs And Technologies. Today. We enable business to get a products and services, without hassle. RWeb Designs And Technologies is committed to providing solutions to small businesses, in a cost effective and timely manner.