Point Of Sale

RWeb POS is a point of sale solution designed by RWeb Designs And Technologies, that delivers on big company ideas, but provides smaller businesses an affordable alternative to better manage their business.
Built on the Microsoft .NET framework, RWeb POS is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10. RWeb POS also supports most modern POS terminals already installed.  
RWeb POS is designed to be an easy to use point of sale, that can link multiple terminals together through the use of our POS server technology. Alternatively our POS system can be operated as a stand alone system, with the option to extend with more terminals, at any time.
Choose to have a customer display, print bar/kitchen orders and customise numerous other features within RWeb POS. Some of RWeb POS's key features and functions are:

* Processing sales and returns (Either setup for retail or table service).
* Look after GL payments (In, out and accounts).
* Manage customers and associated accounts.
* Banking (Cheque and period maintenance).
* Reporting (Cash on hand summaries, Z reporting, ect.).
* Inventory management.
* Integrated EFTPOS with Tyro.
* Online store option.
View more about some of RWeb POS's modules below or contact us to find out more about a RWeb POS solution that suites you.

When it comes to processing a businesses various transactions, there is a lot more to think about than just sales and returns. RWeb POS is designed to cover all aspects of business and designed to be highly customisable. RWeb POS allows businesses to activate and deactivate any modules within the system at any time. Some terminals might only look after sales, whilst some may also look after returns.
RWeb POS is also designed to be intuitive, and all the transaction processing and tender screens follow a consistent look and feel. All RWeb POS transactions are completed by the same tender processing screen every time and enables for fast transaction processing. Our tender screen can accept and process the following types of tenders:

* Cash.
* EFT and Cash Out (Manual or integrated with Tyro).
* Cheques.
* Vouchers.
* Customer Accounts.
* Tab Account.
* Direct Debits.
Our transaction processing screen, can help to split tender types, allowing for endless payment combinations.

Looking after inventory and procuring supplies for your business should be easy. From shelf labels that can be scanned and a dedicated write off module, you can always see where stock is going and coming from, in RWeb POS.
RWeb's procurement and inventory module includes the following key features:

* Label Printing - Choose from predesigned labels, that come in 2x2, 3x10 and 1x1 styles.
* Inventory Module - Looks after the adding, editing,removing and management of items in inventory.
* Suppliers Module - Manage suppliers to your business.
* Orders Module - Design a purchase invoice to placing orders.
* Receiving Module - Receive orders and updates your inventory levels.
* Write Off Module- Writes off inventory not sold, such as end of day wastage.
* Smart Touch Menu designer - Design menus that are used to sell items in the Returns and Sales modules.
All of these modules ensure that you can manage your business with ease.


The Reports module is designed to give you access to information on all aspects of RWeb POS in your business. With our reports module its all about building your own reports on what you want to see, and the ease of knowing we have pre-made reports at just a click and touch away.
Filtering information on a particular figures and data such as Register Periods, Customers, GL Accounts ect is easy to do. Reports made in the report builder can be either viewed, printed, email or exported as a Microsoft Excel document. Choose what you want to see when you want to see it.


Not every user of a system is the same and RWeb POS allows you to give each user, a different access level within the system . This means whilst some users can complete sales and add customers, others might also be able to make reports and process returns. Our user management module is designed to allow for endless authorisation levels. Owners can then track user movements, within the system as it records predefined important events, such as opening the cash draw when no change was meant to be given. This feature also helps to identify when users logon and off.

When starting business in the morning using RWeb POS, users are required to input the float into the terminal. They can choose to count the float or reload the closing float from the last closing of the terminal.

Users enter in the number of each coins, e.g. 40 individual 5 cent pieces. Users do this for each denomination of the float and then open the select open register. This float counted in is then compared with the closing float from the last period, before this register was closed. 
Any variance is opening float compared to closing float from the last period will be noted and shown when the register is later closed. This feature ensures that money is accounted for even when the register has been closed, and can help identify any possible losses.