Custom Solutions

It's hard to always find a program that does what you want it to do. We've worked on projects with small businesses/organisations that have needed custom solutions to make doing business easier. Contact us today about building a custom solution for your business.


RWeb Scoreboard Management is a software solution, built for sporting clubs, who require an easy to use interface to operate their scoreboard with. RWeb Designs And Technologies Designed this software solution to solve problems with usability and simplicity with current software on the market.
RWeb Scoreboard Management provides:
* A simple to use, all in one user interface.
* Options to upload images remotely, with the scoreboard automatically adding advertising or desired images to active presentation.
* Advertising during game play.
* Image slideshow.
* Play YouTube on your scoreboard.
RWeb Scoreboard Management software can also be partnered with our web based application RWeb Scoreboard Live Update.  Doing this will enable users to provide others with live sports results, that can be viewed on any internet connected devices. This is all done live with no delay, so it is now possible to watch the game unfold all from the access of a smart phone.

RWeb Media Advertisement, provides a simple solution to advertising in small venues. This solution was built to enable media advertisement that could be uploaded and updated remotely, saving on time and improving convenience.